Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust – Sobremesa

Welcome back to our features section. As always, if you mention seeing this blog post to us, we’ll give you 10% off on this stick in the shop. Make sure to share this post using the social media links on the top of the page and your friends will thank you for the deals too. You definitely don’t want to miss out on trying this one either. Most of you jumped on it pretty quickly when we brought it in, but for those that waited on it…  allow me to introduce you to one of our favorite cigars of 2015.

Cigar: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust – Sobremesa

Wrapper: La Meca Ecuador Habano #1 Rosado
Binder: Matacapan Negro de Temporal
Filler:   Nicaraguan Gk Condega C-SG Seco
Nicaraguan Pueblo Nuevo Criollo Viso
Nicaraguan La Joya Esteli C-98 Viso
Nicaraguan ASP Esteli Hybrid Ligero
USA Lancaster County Broadleaf Ligero

For two years, the cigar industry knew this was coming. Rumors swirled about where and/or how Steve Saka would return to the cigar community.

For those that don’t know the backstory, allow me to go back. Having run the cigarnexus.com website and spending time working for JR Cigar, Steve Saka had built a ton of knowledge and a reputation by the time he was named President of Drew Estate in 2005. He was eventually promoted to CEO and was involved in what is arguably one of the biggest and most unorthodox success stories in the world of cigars. Steve has had primary involvement in the making of some of the top cigars on the market, including, but definitely not limited to, the Liga Privada lines. Ultimately, Saka and Drew Estate parted ways in 2013 and a non-compete clause was included in the separation.

To say there was a serious buzz leading up to Steve’s return with his new company would be a gross understatement. This couldn’t have been more evident than it was at the 2015 IPCPR trade show. Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust made their debut and were left without samples as they just weren’t ready. This would have been a serious blow to any other manufacturer, but Saka had no problem navigating the unfortunate circumstance. In fact, his booth was booming with shops, just like ours, that were signing on to carry his latest product without any idea of what it would be. It’s amazing what reputation can do and the often outspoken Saka was reaping the benefits of his own.

While the backstory is a good one and worth noting, I’d be doing this cigar a great injustice by focusing solely on the buzz created by Steve’s past projects. We received our first shipment in November and within a week, we had depleted that stock and with great reason. I’ve often told Tim that I haven’t heard him gush about a cigar as much as he does when he lights up a Sobremesa. That said, let’s talk about this stick.

Sobremesa, which translates roughly to “over the table,” is an idea that truly defines what cigars are all about. It refers to the down time after a meal that is spent with friends and family relaxing. Not cleaning dishes. Not worrying about the next item on your list of things that needed to be done last week. None of that. It’s about enjoying the company of the folks you’ve decided to do life with. This is something we’ve tried to create in the culture of our shop and it’s the lifeblood behind what cigars are all about. I love the nod to that role of cigars in our lives with the name of this cigar. Sobremesa is being crafted at the Joya de Nicaragua factory and, due to high demand, is only available at select purveyors. Production is continuous, but the volume is dictated by the availability of the tobacco needed.

Without going super in-depth and going full on review style with this feature (you’ll see some more notes on this in a future pairing blog, trust me), allow me to say this is a complex cigar with a lot of layers. You’ll notice in the blend details above, there’s a lot of different tobacco going into this smoke and it results in a balance of bright and dark flavors. I noticed some citrus and cedar notes to start off with some light pepper. As things progressed some of the darker notes, think sweet coffee and dark chocolate cherry, took the driver’s seat. I also noticed that this cigar made my mouth water like I was staring at a steak after a 24 hour colonoscopy prep fasting session (for those of you that have experienced this, you understand).

If I could give you a great pairing suggestion, and perhaps a bit of a teaser on something you’ll see on the site soon, smoke this cigar with a cup of coffee. If I can suggest a particular coffee, it would be Twin Engine’s Honey Bear Reserve. These two belong together.

The Sobremesa comes in six sizes at the moment and ranges in price from $9.95 to $13.45.

Corona Grande – 5.25 x 44 Parejo
Cervantes Fino – 6.25 x 46 Parejo
Robusto Largo – 5.25 x 52 Parejo
El Americano – 6.00 x 52 Parejo
Torpedo Tiempo – 6.00 x 54 Torpedo
Gran Imperiales – 7.00 x 54 Parejo

So, there’s your introduction to the Sobremesa. Expect to hear more in depth info on this cigar soon on our website in the form of the previously teased pairing blog. Until then, stop in and mention the blog for your 10% off and check out this amazing smoke. I promise it’s one you’ll want to revisit time and time again.

Until next time…

Cheers and long ashes!!